Ceremony for moving to new office

Ceremony for moving to new office

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23rd June 2022 is the congratulation day on entering a completely new office at 10th Floor, Huaide international building, No. 73, Fuyong section, Guangshen Road, Fuyong community, Fuyong street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.

The whole 10th floor is Abt 1,900 square meter, 7 years ago we start from 200 square meter and had moved twice already, now thanks to all and makes where we are.

With such bigger office, of course we enlarge our develop & research department, the testing center full of equipment such as Thermal Deformation & Vicat Softening Temperature Tester, Rapid Moisture Meter, scanner, dental aligner machine, Digital Display IZOD Impact Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, 4 k Microscope total 20+ devices, these help us to make better quality 3d resin and 3d filaments.

Besides that, we also built a casting house to guide who need casting skills.

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