Denture Base Resin

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Denture base resin: The part of a denture that sits on the base tissue and attaches to the teeth.

Using denture base resin can produce long-lasting, wear-resistant, biocompatible denture bases at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods. JAMG HE Denture base resin material is also suitable for trying on dentures.

High Speed Printing: JAMG HE Hi Speed PLA+ are manufactured for High speed 3d printers and printing speed can reach 500mm/s.

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with most high speed 3d printer such as: Bambulab X1/X1C/P1P/P1S, Creality K1/K1 MAX,FLSUN V4,ELEGOO Neptune4,also with regular 3d printer.

High Precision,smooth surface,Bubble-free,Clog-free

Upgarded PLA, high toughness, can be made into indoor tool, music instrument,etc.