Water Washable Resin 10K

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Easy cleaning by water

Works well on all 3d printers

Widely application for miniature, dental orthodontic model etc.




Say no to alcohol

Free Gloves or Paper Funnel

Water washable resin is perfect to be use at home, office or school who are sensitive to odor and allergic to resin.

It is something easy for cleaning and you are able to DIY the colors without changing the printing setting or speed.

Easy to clean

Water Washable Resin

Water Soluble 3d Printing Resin The highest resolution resin with great performance among lcd resin, easy cleaning with water which is safer. 

 JAMG HE is one of the best 3D printer washable resin manufacturers.

Compatible on

2K 4K 6K 8K 3D Printer

Water washable resin is also 405nm photosensitive resin, able to be used in 385nm DLP 3d printer, and any open-source resin 3d printer. 

Several reasons to get Jamghe 10K water washable resin

Multiple color 

 It is multicolor resin with fast printing, especially high clear is non-yellowing, make 3d printing more fun.

Widely application

  Water washable resin is also hot in dental orthodontic labs, as the water cleaning way saves times and bring efficiently produced.

Low viscosity

Low viscosity 70-175 mPa·s, high success printing rate in large size 3d printer, also  works great in top-down resin printer.