How to solve sandy resin and use well in winter?

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You may know to preheat the 3d printer to ensure the print quality in winter, but what about 3D photopolymer resin? You probably had sandy resin which is unable to print, don't worry, hereby the solutions for you.

25-30 ºC is the best temperature for reaction as photopolymer resin, and the lower temperature the lower activity, even become more dense or separate crystals out, don't throw the resin away, high temperature is a fatal for resin not the cold, Jamghe 3d resin from Shenzhen Yongchanghe Technology who has rich experiences in UV light curing since 2001, has his way to make stable 3D photopolymer resin, the resins are tested under -4 ºC for 60 days and still works great, but due to the temperature may lower during the transportation, bellowing are our suggestion:

1, If resin become sandy, shake well and warm it up in water for a while 50-60 ºC, jewelry high wax casting resin (ewic1000a, cwic1000a) has to filter it (80-120 mesh count) first before putting in warm water, and temperature must be lower 30-40 ºC; if it is not sandy, you may just leave it in room temperature for a moment.

2, If your room temperature is lower then 20ºC, increase exposure time each layer 1-2s while printing.

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